Summer 2017

Prof. John Haught, statue of Charles Darwin, and finch

Again this summer [of 2017] the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum will present a series of talks by local speakers during June and July, beginning May 31. The theme of the summer is “Hope: Science, Religion and the Future”. There will be seven Wednesday evening meetings, on May 31; June 7, 14, 28; July 12, 19, 26. All are welcome!

The meetings will follow our usual format: light supper at 6 pm, talk at 6:30, followed by questions for the speaker and then table discussions. In a change from the past two years these talks will be in the Fellowship Hall of the Unitarian Church (1738 N Sage Loop, Los Alamos, NM).

Also, as part of the summer program, the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum has invited distinguished theologian John Haught of Georgetown University to visit Los Alamos and present two lectures, which he will do on Thursday June 22 and Friday June 23. His lectures are titled “Science, Religion, and Cosmic Purpose” and “Evolution and Faith: What Is at Stake”.

Schedule of presentations — Summer 2017


Hope, Hopelessness, and the Future  – May 31, Nels Hoffman

Science of Hope  – June 7, Gerry Wood

Evolution and Hope – June 14, Morrie Pongratz

Science, Religion, and Cosmic Purpose — June 22, Visiting Speaker Prof. John Haught (7 PM)

Evolution and Faith: What is at Stake? — June 23, Visiting Speaker Prof. John Haught (7 PM)

Hopelessness  – June 28, Bob Reinovsky

Looking into the Future  – July 12, Dan Winske

Technology and Hope  – July 19, Chick Keller

Religions and Hope  – July 26, Speaker or Panel to be announced