Summer 2020

Hope, Nature, Sin, and Transhumanism

Are We Making Progress?

In Summer 2020, the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum examined

· the issue of hope in this uncertain age

· the relation of religion and ecology

· the age-old question of original sin

· the problem of evil in light of recent scientific discoveries

· the future of humanity in the context of bioengineering advances and ethical issues

· near-death experiences

All lectures took place on-line using Zoom

The lectures began at 6:30 p.m., every Wednesday, starting June 3 and running for seven weeks through July 15. The sessions were presented on the internet via Zoom.

Schedule of lectures for Summer 2020

All talks began at 6:30 PM

click here for abstracts and slides

June 3      Introductions to Zoom and the summer series, followed by: “Why Have Hope?” — Morrie Pongratz

June 10    “A Concern for the Planet as Part of Faith”  – Bob Dryja

June 17    “The Problem of Evil” – Chick Keller

June 24    “The Genes of Genesis: Original Sin and Gene-Culture Co-evolution” – Nels Hoffman

July 1        “Transhumanism I. Bioengineered Superhumans: Technology, Ethics, Religion” – Nels Hoffman

July 8        “Transhumanism II. Path Forward: Superhighway or Rocky Road?” – Dan Winske and Bob Reinovsky

July 15      “Near Death Experiences” – Glenn Magelssen and Susan Sprake    

LAF&SF board member Gerry Wood speaks to LAF&SF in Summer 2019

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