Summer 2022

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Summer 2022 Schedule of Talks

Every Wednesday: supper at 6 PM, speaker at 6:30 PM

Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, 3900 Trinity Drive, Los Alamos

June 1:    Darwinian Evolution:  Perspectives from Science, Philosophy, and Theology (Prof. Marty Hewlett, UNM-Taos; University of Arizona emeritus)

June 8:    The Science of Buddhism (Dr. John Ambrosiano)

June 15:  Images of God in the Bible, Art and in our Scientific Work (Dr. Eric Ferm)

June 22:  Eastern Christianity and Science (Dr. Victoria Erhart, UNM-LA)

June 29:  Origin of Life (Patrick Berg, MD, Maj, USAF )

July 6:     The Orthodox Church, Faith vs Knowledge: St. Isaac in the 7th century (Fr. Jesse Robinson, Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Santa Fe, NM)

July 13:   Understanding Confidence and Uncertainty in Religion and in Science (Dr. Gary Stradling)

July 20:   The Hologenome Theory of Evolution (Dr. Glenn Magelssen)

July 27:   Interactions with the Divine – a statistical view (Dr. Chick Keller)

Aug. 3:    “The Heavens Declare”: The Universe and Judaeo-Christian Truth Claims (Dr. Nels Hoffman)

The Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum invites you to a summer of celebration of being together again and continued examination of issues at the interface of faith and science:

–extending the discussion on human origins and evolution,

–expanding the boundaries of faith and embedded truth,

–exploring the nature of God’s interaction with humankind.

This, our ninth season of Wednesday events runs from June 1 to August 3. Our season starts with our invited external speaker – Prof. Martinez Hewlett, professor emeritus of cellular biology from U. Arizona. He now lives in Taos and teaches at UNM. He will review and compare models for human evolution. Later talks this summer on evolution consider experiments on the origin of life by Patrick Berg, MD and the importance of bacteria and viruses in the evolutionary process by Glenn Magelssen, PhD. In addition, we expand the boundaries of faith with presentations related to religion and science to include two talks related to Eastern Orthodox Christianity by Dr. Victoria Erhart (UNM-LA) and Father Jesse Robinson (Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Santa Fe). There also will be a talk on the science of Buddhism by John Ambrosiano, PhD, and a discussion on the image of God by Eric Ferm, PhD. The deep issues of truth in faith and God’s role in the discovery process will be addressed in talks by Gary Stradling, PhD., Nelson Hoffman, PhD and Chick Keller, PhD. 

Supper at 6 PM: We are returning to our pre-pandemic mode of an evening program that starts at 6 PM with a light supper, then the featured presentation at 6:30, followed by questions for the speaker, and concluding with table discussions related to the evening’s topic. 

These events are free and open to the public. They will all be held in Kelly Hall at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, 3900 Trinity Drive, Los Alamos. The hall is large enough for people to spread out as comfortably as they like. The presentations and subsequent discussions will also be available on Zoom.