Summer 2020

Hope, Nature, Sin, and Transhumanism

Are We Making Progress?

In Summer 2020, the Los Alamos Faith and Science Forum examines the issue of hope in this uncertain age, the relation of religion and ecology, the age-old questions of original sin and the problem of evil in light of recent scientific discoveries, the future of humanity in the context of bioengineering advances and ethical issues, and finally, near-death experiences.

All lectures will take place on-line using Zoom

The lectures begin at 6:30 p.m., every Wednesday, starting June 3 and running for seven weeks through July 15. These sessions will be available on the internet via Zoom.

Please register for the Zoom lectures by clicking HERE

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Schedule of lectures

All talks begin at 6:30 PM

click here for abstracts and slides

June 3      Introductions to Zoom and the summer series, followed by: “Why Have Hope?” — Morrie Pongratz

June 10    “A Concern for the Planet as Part of Faith”  – Bob Dryja

June 17    “The Problem of Evil” – Chick Keller

June 24    “The Genes of Genesis: Original Sin and Gene-Culture Co-evolution” – Nels Hoffman

July 1        “Transhumanism I. Bioengineered Superhumans: Technology, Ethics, Religion” – Nels Hoffman

July 8        “Transhumanism II. Path Forward: Superhighway or Rocky Road?” – Dan Winske and Bob Reinovsky

July 15      “Near Death Experiences” – Glenn Magelssen and Susan Sprake    

LAF&SF board member Gerry Wood speaks to LAF&SF in Summer 2019

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2 thoughts on “Summer 2020”

  1. I would like to contribute, but don’t see a mailing address to send check,
    or for a credit card. Thanks for your forum!


    1. Thanks, Guy! Send us an email at the address above (, and we’ll send you a membership form and instructions about where to send your check. Thanks for supporting us!


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